• Steering Committee
    • Dr. Arif Al-Hammadi, KU (Chair)
    • Dr. Mohammed Al-Mualla, MoE
    • Dr. Gordon Baylis, UAEU
    • Dr. Michael Allen, ZU
    • Dr. Mohamed El-Tarhuni, AUS
    • Dr. Maamar Bettayeb, UoS
    • Dr. Samer Madanat, NYU-AD
    • Dr. Kosmas Pavlopoulos, PSU-AD
    • Dr. Ashly Pinnington, BUiD
    • Dr. Wathiq Mansoor, UD
    • Dr. Ashraf Khalil, ADU
  • General Chair
    • Dr. Nagi Wakim, Zayed University
  • Organizing Committee
    • Dr. Nagi Wakim, Chair, ZU
    • Dr. Mahmoud Al-Qutayri, KU
    • Dr. Ali Al-Marzouqi, UAEU
    • Dr. Ghaleb Husseini, AUS
    • Dr. Rafat El-Awady, UoS
    • Dr. Mahmoud Rasras, NYU-AD
    • Dr. Kosmas Pavlopoulos, PSU-AD
    • Dr. Solomon David, BUiD
    • Dr. Shadi Atalla, UD
    • Dr. Luay Fraiwan, ADU
  • Technical Program Committee Chair
    • Dr. Zakaria Maamar, ZU
Educating the individual is this country's most valuable investment. It represents the foundation for progress and development. -H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Education is a top national priority, and that investment in human is the real investment to which we aspire. -H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

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