Presentation Guidelines

All presentations for the UAE GSRC 2021 must be pre-recorded using Zoom. Please note that GSRC 2021 Power Point template must be used for all presentations. Please make sure that your recorded presentation does Not exceed 10 Minutes. The Zoom Recording Guide includes guidelines to help you do the recording using Zoom. Please also note the guidelines below to help you have good quality presentation. All presentation recordings will be checked before the conference and those that are not of good quality will not be included in the conference program.

  • 01. It's important to have a designated area with adequate amount of light and free from outside noises and distractions
  • 02. Make sure your camera and mic are working fine
  • 03. Make sure your video is in good resolution and your audio is clear
  • 04. Recording to be done on Zoom
  • 05. Recording file must be in MP4 format
  • 06. The recording layout should be as attached
  • 07. Please ensure not to exceed the duration of the presentation time of 10 minutes.

Please make sure that your presentations are ready by Wed. 16 June 2021 at the latest. You will receive a separate email by then to upload your recorded presentation.

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